Originating from Sheffield, Jay Clique is a multi-talented rapper, singer/songwriter and music producer. As the artist has often expressed, music was a large part of his childhood, growing up listening to predominantly Gospel music. From a love of poetry, Jay expanded into rap, referring to rapper ‘Ludacris’ as the “first rapper he stopped to listen too”. Over the years, Jay has shown that not only can he deliver great flows and impressive wordplay, he also fills his music with content that can be relatable and thought-provoking. Not one to be restricted by a single title, Clique has flexibly carried out different roles within his chosen industry, often producing and songwriting for himself and other artists, amongst other music ventures. He has most noticeably gained producer credits on his own album ‘10,000 Hours’, released in August 2019. Jay prides himself on the versatility of his rap styles, flows and production, making it easy for him to stand out from the rest. When asked to sum up, in a few words, how he feels about music, Jay quoted his lyric: “Music’s always been my outlet, every day I have it on, kinda like an outfit”.


Jay Clique outside - album promo photoshoot - biography
Jay Clique outside with hood up - biography

10,000 HOURS

From the production styles of Jay Clique & Cliqued On Sonics, comes 10,000 Hours the album. Touching on different sub-genres, this body of work gives listeners a back story into life post-Rebuild. The album is filled with musical influences close to Jay’s heart with messages of love and triumph but also loneliness and despair. 10,000 Hours invites us to share in an artists experiences and thoughts while we are continuously entertained.


From the production styles of Seppy, Blackychan and Jay Clique himself, comes The Rebuild album, which is compiled of catchy hooks and meaningful lyrics multiple features lending a beautiful variety of vocalists. This album tells the story of Jay’s journey of self rediscovery as an artist but also on a personal level. The listener can expect vulnerability and also honesty with the title track “The Rebuild” giving an account of some of the aspects that led to this very moment. 


The blend of styles (HipHop & R&B) comes together with clever lyrics and an infectious personality. Jay Clique has often voiced his own experience in his rhymes as well as supplying endless story telling music. This singer/songwriter, rapper and producer is breaking out and is a person worth watching.

Jay Clique with Tessa outside in the sunshine - Fly with me video - biography


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