An artist originating from the steel city of Sheffield, Jay Clique developed his sound over the years taking inspiration from his childhood music. Gospel was a big part of his musical intake as well as R&B and HipHop. He often refers to Ludacris as the “first rapper I really got into”, starting his love of rap. Since getting involved in production Jay Clique has expressed his love for other genres. Often saying ‘Heavy metal isn’t something I would normally listen to, but when I hear a track I do have an appreciation for how that track has been put together’.

Jay Clique outside - album promo photoshoot - biography
Jay Clique outside with hood up - biography


From the production styles of Seppy, Blackychan and Jay Clique himself, comes The Rebuild album, which is compiled of catchy hooks, meaningful lyrics and multiple features lending a beautiful variety of vocalists.


The blend of styles (HipHop & R&B) comes together with clever lyrics and an infectious personality. Jay Clique has often voiced his own experience in his rhymes as well as supplying endless story telling music. This singer/songwriter, rapper and producer is breaking out and is a person worth watching.

Jay Clique with Tessa outside in the sunshine - Fly with me video - biography


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